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Anna Dubrovsky

San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer


Anna Dubrovsky has been representing injured plaintiffs for 20 years and is a well-known, respected personal injury attorney. She has an excellent record of securing favorable settlements and verdicts, and she understands the specific needs of those suffering from personal injuries caused by negligence.

Ms. Dubrovsky commenced her legal education at the prestigious Moscow State University Law Faculty in Russia. Her heritage and fluency in Russian have been huge assets and have allowed her to help many clients within the Russian community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She earned her JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1998 and passed the California Bar that same year. She subsequently began her career defending and representing insurance companies. During that time, she decided that she would rather be an advocate for the victims. Having this specialized knowledge of how the insurance industry works, however, has made Ms. Dubrovsky highly effective at litigating personal injury cases.

Ms. Dubrovsky has been successful at obtaining numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. In one case, she represented the family of a man killed in a collision between a bus and a tractor-trailer. Ultimately, Ms. Dubrovsky was able to help the decedent’s family and the injured bus passengers obtain a $4.3 million settlement.

In a 2009 case, Ms. Dubrovsky represented an elderly man who suffered a back injury during a car accident. The insurance company initially offered to pay the man only $17,000. After uncovering additional facts, Anna persuaded the jury to award the client $774,000. For her work on this matter, she received nominations for the “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award” from both the Consumer Attorneys of California and The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

In March 2010, Anna obtained a jury verdict totaling $4,696,230 million for a motorcyclist who was injured when he collided with a gasoline truck. The police report stated that the motorcyclist was at fault, and as a result, the insurance company refused to offer any compensation. For more than 2 years, Anna aggressively challenged this and was not afraid to pursue this case when many other attorneys would not have. She worked tenaciously and diligently to uncover the fact that the trucking company was falsifying documents and lying about critical facts related to the accident. She spent the time and money necessary to investigate every detail of the case and was able to win one of the largest verdicts on record in San Mateo County.

Additionally, because of her work exposing the trucking company negligence in this case, she was named as a 2010 finalist for the coveted “Street Fighter of the Year Award.” This award is granted by the Consumer Attorneys of California to an outstanding plaintiff lawyer who has litigated a case that creates a more just society. This case also earned her a nomination for the CAOC’s “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.”

In addition to these nominations, Ms. Dubrovsky has been nominated as a finalist for the “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award” for 2011 and 2018 by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers organization.

Ms. Dubrovsky is a member of the American Attorneys of Justice, the Consumer Attorneys of California, the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association and the Bar Association of San Francisco. She is eligible to try cases in both California State and Federal Courts.

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