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Products Liability

San Francisco Product Liability Attorneys

Our experienced attorneys can represent you when consumer products have caused you harm through defect or malfunction.  It is your right to expect a safe product. Unfortunately, flawed designs or manufacturing defects may result in a dangerous product that causes injury to the consumer and, in some cases, can even result in death.

Product defects for which the MANUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS may be held liable can include design defects that exist before a product is manufactured; manufacturing defects, or marketing defects, occur during fabrication and can include faulty instructions, packaging or failure to warn the consumer of danger.

Automobiles, tires, children toys and products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food additives, furniture, household appliances, tools and safety equipment (such as smoke detectors and fire alarms) are often the types of products that can contain defects that can cause harm.  In the workplace, faulty equipment is often the cause of serious injury.  Unsafe scaffolds, ladders, lifts, and heavy machinery are some examples of this. We also consider cases involving product recalls.

This realm of the law is varied and complex, and it is important to find a lawyer who understands the associated nuances and intricacies.  We will counsel you regarding your options for pursuing your case and the likelihood of specific outcomes, evaluating your general and specific risks.

We will also provide you with clear information about the legal process and whether it’s in your best interests to build an individual or join a class action.  We will tenaciously pursue every party responsible for your pain and suffering and pool on our vast resources to ensure you receive the appropriate damages.

If you have been injured as a result of a consumer product defect, please contact us at (415) 746-1477 or (800) 440-6313. We look forward to aggressively pursuing your case.