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Truck Accident Q&A

San Francisco Truck Accident FAQ

What is considered a commercial truck?

A commercial truck or vehicle is any vehicle transporting commercial goods, often recognized by their size, such as a big-rig or eighteen-wheeler trucks. These vehicles range from about 16,000 – 80,000 pounds, making any accident with a commercial truck potentially catastrophic or fatal due to their sheer mass. 

Why would I need to hire an attorney for a truck accident?

Commercial truck companies have high liability risks and major insurance coverage costs. They often try to settle accidents quietly, offering victims less compensation than they deserve. Hiring an attorney ensures you receive the full amount you are owed. An experienced attorney like Anna Dubrovsky will advocate for your rights and help you navigate the legal process to secure fair compensation. 

What kind of compensation will I receive after a truck accident?

A truck accident claim covers more than just property damages and medical costs. Compensation may include pain and suffering, loss of wages, quality of life losses, and more. In wrongful death cases, compensation can cover loss of economic support, loss of care and companionship, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses. An experienced truck accident lawyer will ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Who is at fault, the truck driver or the truck company?

Liability can rest with the truck driver, the truck company, or both. For instance, if a truck company fails to inform a driver about a known issue with a truck’s motor, the company may be at fault. If a truck driver causes an accident due to drinking, and the company knew of the driver’s history, both may be at fault. Each case is unique, and an experienced attorney can help determine liability. 

If I’m partially at fault, should I still hire an attorney for a truck accident?

Yes. Even if you are partially at fault, you may still receive compensation for the losses and damages that were not your fault. An experienced attorney like Anna Dubrovsky will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, regardless of the extent of your fault.

How can I prove it was the truck driver’s fault?

Proving fault involves gathering evidence such as digital logging systems showing if the driver exceeded legal driving hours, maintenance reports indicating if the truck was unsafe, and other relevant documentation. An aggressive and determined attorney like Anna Dubrovsky will thoroughly investigate to gather all necessary evidence to prove fault.

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