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Truck Accident Q&A

San Francisco Truck Accident FAQ

What is considered a commercial truck?

A commercial truck or vehicle is any vehicle transporting commercial goods. In many cases, they are big-rig or eighteen-wheeler trucks. They are usually easy to spot by their size. Commercial trucks can be particularly dangerous to come into contact with, as they are extremely heavy. They range between about 16,000 – 80,000 pounds. Just due to their sheer mass, any accident with a commercial truck can be a catastrophic, if not fatal, one.

Why would I need to hire an attorney for a truck accident?

Commercial truck companies are no strangers to accidents. They have high liability risks and major insurance coverage costs. When they do experience an accident, they often try to handle it under the table, or without going through the motions of a formal case. Many people claim they’ve received a huge sum of money dealing with truck companies on their own. This may be true, however, the truck company most likely offered them a way lower reward for their losses than they deserved. Truck companies know how much the damages and losses incurred from a truck accident cost, and they also know that the average person is not privy to that information.

They use that information to their advantage and try to offer much less money than they would have to pay if they were to be brought to court. So, while it isn’t required that you hire an attorney for your truck accident, it is greatly urged if you are trying to be compensated the full amount you are owed.

What kind of compensation will I receive after a truck accident?

A truck accident claim will cover more than property damages and medical costs. Truck accidents are very distressing and can cause much more harm than physical damage. An experienced attorney such as Anna Dubrovsky will be sure you receive additional compensation such as pain and suffering, loss of wages, quality of life losses and more. In the event of a wrongful death case, you may be able to earn loss of economic support, loss of care, loss of companionship, pain and suffering and funeral expenses. As you can see, there are much more compensation categories than the average person realizes. To receive the best possible outcome of a truck accident case, it is best to seek a professional truck accident lawyer.

Who is at fault, the truck driver or the truck company?

Depending on the accident, it may be both the truck driver and the truck company’s fault or it may be one or the other. For example, if a truck company knew of an issue with a truck’s motor and did not tell the driver, the company would be at fault if any accident occurred due to a faulty motor. Another example is if a truck driver was drinking while driving and caused an accident. If the truck company knew the driver had a record of drinking and driving, both parties may be at fault. If a truck driver was driving more than the legal amount of hours and got into an accident, they may be solely at fault. Each case is unique and different factors may come into play depending on the accident. To learn more about your case and seek guidance, contact Anna Dubrovsky Law Group.

If I’m partially at fault, should I still hire an attorney for a truck accident?

Yes. Even partially at-fault parties may receive compensation for the loss and damages that were not at the fault of their own. With an experienced attorney such as Anna Dubrovsky you will be able to be compensated for every cent you deserve. No matter how minor or severe your losses may be, Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will be sure to reward you and your family with the best possible outcome of your case.

How can I prove it was the truck driver’s fault?

There are many ways to prove a truck driver was at-fault. Especially with an attorney as aggressive and determined as Anna Dubrovsky, you will undoubtedly be able to prove the at-fault party. Nowadays, most logging systems are digital. If a driver was driving over the legal amount of hours they should be driving, that proves they were insufficient to drive. If the maintenance reports were not up-to-date or had not been given attention, that may prove the truck was unsafe to be on the road. Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will go after all of these pieces of evidence. They are skilled in their jobs, they know what to look for and they are fiercely investigative. If you believe the truck accident you were involved in was the truck driver’s or truck company’s fault, trust no one but Anna Dubrovsky with your case.

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