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Inborn Brain Injuries

Infant Brain Injuries & Prenatal or Newborn Brain Damage

Inborn brain injuries are injuries that occur in the womb or during birth. They may take place in the placenta itself or toxins, drugs or viruses may cross the placenta causing brain injuries. Trauma exiting the mother during birth may also occur, but is rarer. When there is trauma-caused brain injuries, it is often due to medical negligence. If you believe your child was not handled with the proper standard of care, Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will do everything they can to ensure you are compensated for the damages caused by careless practitioners.

One of the major causes of brain damage in infants is lack of oxygen during or shortly after birth. According to the American Journal of Neuroradiology about four out of every one thousand children experience lack of oxygen in the birthing process. The lack of oxygen is often differentiated by anoxia and hypoxia. Anoxia is more severe, and is caused by a total lack of oxygen. Anoxia can cause extreme brain damage, whereas hypoxia may cause mild to moderate brain damage. Hypoxia occurs when there is a less than adequate amount of oxygen provided.

San Francisco Brain Injury Lawyers

If you believe that your child did not receive the proper care during childbirth, or that you were not correctly advised during pregnancy and your child has incurred brain damage because of either cases, you may be able to file for medical negligence or malpractice. Particularly if you are facing high medical bills to care for your child and his or her injuries, it would be wise to seek compensation for your damages.

No one in the San Francisco Bay Area will care for you and your family the way Anna Dubrovsky Law Group will. They will fight your case until justice is served, providing you guidance and insight every step of the way.

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Causes of Hypoxia

  • Blocked Airways – Infants’ lungs may get clogged with mucus, constricting the path of air, leading to potentially long-term side effects such as brain damage. Being aware of the issue early on may provide doctors enough time to help implement preventative measures.
  • Umbilical Cord Problems – If an infant is wrapped in an umbilical cord or if the umbilical cord is cut too soon, the potential loss of oxygen may lead to brain damage. Umbilical cords may also get twisted in the birthing process. When there are issues with umbilical cords, doctors must act quickly before the oxygen is cut off from the newborn.
  • Placenta Eruptions – When a placenta separates from the uterus too soon it may cause a lower oxygen supply to the child, potentially causing brain damage.

While not all of the above scenarios are preventable, it is up to a mother and her doctor to notate the health and growth of the child as closely as possible. If a doctor is aware of an issue but does not advise a mother on how to properly care for it, they may be guilty of negligence. However, if a doctor advises a mother on how to prevent or care for the issue and she does not take action, the mother may be found negligent.

There are other brain damage-related situations that medical professionals or obstetricians are often the party responsible for, such as:

  • Extensive and Strenuous Labor – During periods of extensive pushing and contracting, a child may be knocked and pressed up against a mother’s uterus, causing brain damage.
  • Excessive Pulling – If a doctor pulls an infant in an atypical or aggressive manner, the pressure and stress may lead to inborn brain injuries.
  • Irregular Use of Tools – Birth-assisting tools should only be used in rare and necessary cases. If used without exigency, they may cause both physical and brain damage to the child.