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Mass Tort Litigation

Mass Tort Litigation

Mass tort litigation deals with cases in which an individual or company does harm to a group of people as a result of a negligent action or a faulty product.  It is a highly complex area of the law because many parties are often involved and numerous variables are at play.  Some examples of mass tort cases include:

  • Product liability cases, such as those involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices or children’s toys that were defective, malfunctioned or otherwise harmed people
  • Cases involving “man-made” disasters that have impacted large numbers of people, such as airplane crashes or chemical plant explosions
  • Large business anti-trust claims, such as price fixing and toxic torts, which involve exposure to toxins.

The Anna Dubrovsky Law Group understands the sophisticated realm of mass tort litigation.  We thoroughly review the facts in order to determine the validity of a potential claim.  

We are committed to keeping up with the statutes, cases, and regulations – as well as the new and changing laws – that impact this dynamic area of practice.  It is our mission to seek justice for victims and pursue your case with tenacity and vigor.  We always strive to obtain the maximum possible compensation and to make sure that defendants are held accountable for their recklessness and negligence.