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Safety Tips for Pedestrians & Motorists

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents: Safety Tips

While pedestrian accidents can have catastrophic – if not deadly – impacts, the good news is that these accidents can be prevented, especially if pedestrians and motorists remain careful, diligent and sober as they travel the roadways.

The following safety tips for pedestrians and motorists can help minimize the risks of pedestrian accidents to better protect everyone on the road. While remembering and following these tips can help you stay safe as a pedestrian (or avoid collisions as a motorist), if you are ever hurt in a pedestrian accident, please know that you can turn to the trusted San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc. for effective help obtaining the justice and compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Use sidewalks or designated pedestrian paths where and when available.
  • Be predictable. Only cross at designated crosswalks or intersections when vehicles have red lights.
  • Avoid distractions and stay as alert as possible at all times.
  • Always look left, right and left again before crossing the street – even if you have the right-of-way or no vehicles seem to be close by.
  • Avoid walking alongside freeways or other roadways not intended for pedestrian use.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible. This can include wearing bright colors or reflective gear, as well as using flashlights at night.
  • Avoid using alcohol and/or drugs, as these substances will impair your judgement and perception.

Safety Tips for Motorists

  • Always look and be prepared for pedestrians, and do not expect them to be walking where they should be.
  • Be especially vigilant for pedestrians when visibility may be poor (e.g., at nighttime, during poor weather conditions, etc.).
  • Slow down and be ready to stop when approaching crosswalks, stop signs and/or intersections, as these are places where pedestrians commonly cross the road.
  • Always stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk.
  • Avoid distractions so that you can be as alert as possible to the presence of pedestrians (and to changing driving conditions).
  • Never drink and drive, as this can impair your ability to perceive pedestrians and avoid pedestrian accidents.
  • Always comply with the speed limit, particularly around schools/bus stops and neighborhoods where children tend to be present.

San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at the Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.

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